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 Earthquake Fukushima Japan 2011

On 11 March 2011 Japan's most powerful earthquake struck the Fukishima area at the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. Shortly after, thirty surrounding companies had to make an unplanned switch with Quick-EDD/HA. De switches were carried out successfully.

Near Fukushima the metallurgical company ISCAR recently took a new plant into operation. At the IT department an IBM Power i system was mainly responsible for running the most important business processes. However, it was a standalone, non redundant system!

The factory was located on a 40 kilometer distance of the affected nuclear power plant of Fukushima and had to be closed down after the disaster because of increased radiation level. All data however were saved by replicating the system with a system in Israel.

At the moment of the disaster, the computer in Japan was not yet connected to the worldwide network of ISCAR. On top of that no remote back-up/HA provision was taken. Immediately after the disaster, the system was still marching, but there was great concern about loss of data. Another fear was a possible collapse of the building. The increased radiation level made the board decide to close down the factory in a rush.
ISCAR is globally using AS/400 systems. The partner from Israel, EMET computers, wanted to be of help in this distressful situation in Japan.
EMET remotely installed Quick-EDD/HA on the computer system in the factory in Japan. It took one day to transmit all data from the computer in Japan to a machine in Korea. All data were secured. One day later all no communication was possible any more, all lines were disconnected.
This proves Quick-EDD/HA to be THE high availablilty product to secure Power i systems in emergencies.


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