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Data Protection

Real-time off-site back-up solution for IBM i users with Quick-EDD/DP

Quick-EDD/DP (= Data Protection) is the new off-site back-up solution for IBM i users who want to replicate in real-time all IBM i databases, the whole IFS and User Profiles to an external IBM Power system with IBM i in the datacenter of a Business Partner. This solution offers the end-users of an IBM Power system with IBM i two main advantages:

• Almost no data loss in case of unplanned downtime because all the data until the moment of the downtime is available at the recovery system
• The daily back-up window is no issue any more. The business partner can create the back-up at the recovery system during the production system operations

Quick-EDD/DP is very interesting for companies and institutions using an IBM Power system with IBM i, processing much electronic data at a daily base and don’t find their existing back-up methodology sufficient enough to protect themselves against data loss.

Installation and implementation
Installation of Quick-EDD/DP will be done at the customer’s production system. The average installation and implementation takes one day. Quick-EDD/DP has a minimal impact regarding the CPU usage of your production system (about 3%).

Real-time data protection
All defined IBM i databases, IFS objects and user profiles will be replicated synchronously to an IBM i system of the datacenter. Due to the fact that only updated information is replicated, without the journal information, the used bandwidth between the two systems is minimal.

Your data reside in a secured remote datacenter
The daily data back-up can also be provided by the datacenter. This will reduce the precious time of your IT staff.

Low monthly costs
Flexible subscriptions: Both short running as well as long running replication contracts are possible. For more information contact the Business Partner of your choice for the Quick-EDD/DP solution.

No extra license costs
With Quick-EDD/DP a low cost and a real time back-up solution is realized for your IBM i environment. No additional license costs are involved for your application software running at the recovery system in the datacenter.

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