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IBM Power i Migration with Minimal Downtime

Switching to a new IBM Power i system often comes along with a lot of extra costs and extra work in the evenings and on weekends. Back-ups, restores and tests mostly cannot take place during office hours because the Power i must be completely available for everyday operations. The Quick-EDD migration tool makes this switch to a new system shorter, certainly by 75%, and simpler: Before the migration, most preparatory jobs can be completed without any interruptions of regular company operations. The actual downtime during the migration itself is considerably shorter.
How Does it Work?
The fast migration is accomplished through the temporary use of the program Quick-EDD/HA. This software is remotely installed on the active production system (that is simply in use) and on the new system. The new system may be empty except for the installed operating system. After the installation (which takes approx. 1 hour), the software Quick-EDD/HA is activated. The program will start its regular synchronous replication process until both systems are “in sync” (the replication may take several hours, depending on the amount of data/ the system size/ the bandwidth). Afterwards tests on the new system can take place and the necessary preparations on the new system can be made. When the new system has been approved, the “switch process” can be started. The switch process itself only takes a few minutes. The total duration of the migration depends on the time the client’s own procedures take.

• No complete system back-up required for the production system. Thus no restore back-up on the new system either. This saves time and downtime;
• The migration can take place in the evening. No working on weekends or holidays required;
• A lot of the preparation can take place during regular office hours. The new system can be tested while the production system is in use and the realtime replication is running. This speeds up the migration process;
• The installation of the Quick-EDD/program (6MB) can take place remotely;
• The replication only requires minimal bandwidth and it can bridge huge distances. This is due to a unique form of data transport utilised by Quick-EDD/HA;
• No transportation of staff and back-up tapes between two branches required, which saves a lot of time and costs.

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