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Extensive Control of the Quick-EDD/HA Settings and the System Settings Connected to them

Every year QSL Western Europe installs the Quick-EDD/HA software on the systems of many clients, also in cooperation with the IBM business partner involved. Clients who take care of their own administration also receive comprehensive instructions, so they can master the software as efficiently as possible. This is part of the total installation process. As desired, a two-day training is organized on site, which may be connected with a technical certification.
Users who take care of the administration of Quick-EDD/HA themselves may book QSL NE’s so-called “Quick-EDD/HA healthcheck”.
During the healthcheck, QSL Western Europe checks all settings of the software. Any deviations from the original installation or any mutations are discussed with the client and recorded. The switch scenario is checked for correctness and adjusted as needed. Finally a “verify” takes place, which is a function in Quick-EDD/HA that calculates its way through both systems, reporting deviations which are then directly repaired.
The healthcheck can be performed ad hoc or planned on a regular basis.

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