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Quick-EDD Services

In order to best serve existing and new Quick-EDD clients, QSL Western Europe has added various services to its portfolio. These services may be booked as required – either ad hoc or by way of a maintenance agreement or a separate service agreement. This includes the following services: Quick-EDD/Migration, Quick-EDD/Healthcheck and Quick-EDD/Remote Management Service (RMS).

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IBM Power i Migration with Minimal Downtime.

Switching to a new IBM Power i system often comes along with a lot of extra costs and extra work in the evenings and on weekends.
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Permanent Monitoring and Direct Intervention in
Case of Calamities.

Administration of the Quick-EDD/HA software is very easy. Checking the status of the replication process a few times a day and changing a setting as needed to make sure that a direct switch is possible in case of a calamity.
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Extensive Control of the Quick-EDD/HA Settings and the System Settings Connected to them.

Every year QSL Western Europe installs the Quick-EDD/HA software on the systems of many clients, also in cooperation with the IBM business partner involved.
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