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Data replication and distribution for heterogeneous databases

Time is Money1 "Capture the value of your IT! Think Data!" We all know that today’s organizations and industries are handling more and more data. This data is stored in different servers using different OS, on different locations, inside or outside the company. But most of the time the business data about customers, partner network and suppliers or even employees is not available at the right place and at the right format. What a frustration! Because we cannot eliminate data transfer time between systems, let’s do it continuously and always be in “real-time”.

We need “real-time” information just to succeed
in competitive environments. 
Making this data available at any time is the challenge for Quick-SmartData in order to:
- Improve marketing approach of your customers
or to get new customers;
- better support to decision makers;
- Create competitive differenciators;
- Save money by using the internal database;
- Increase IT flexibility with different infrastructure support.
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  • INIT
  • Data Integration (BI, Datawarehouse)
  • Production application (Merchant website, different DB and OS application)
  • Migration (to Unicode, to different DB, new application compatibility…)
  • Test/Devt (Anonymizer)

The data is usually coming from internal ERP and CRM, and will be caught, transformed and sent in real-time to the BI, the Datawarehouse, Datamarts (datamart is the access layer of the datawarehouse environment that is used to get data out to the users), Dashboard, Portal or to any other application like a merchant website in order to make them profitable this is what every organization is looking for!
Realtime makes the difference to all what we are used to have with such a tool today, and Quick-SmartData provides real real-time capture, replication, transformation and delivery to speed up the response to business by always having the last updated information available for your analytics or external application, across heterogeneous systems.
Keep in mind that poor data quality is one of the primary reasons of all business initiatives falling to achieve their targeted objectives.


  • Your organization must come to a project mode with data integration to analyze the impact it is having on your business.
  • Once you have clearly defined your goal, your project… accomplish a data profiling to learn activity and discover what the useful part of your data is. Data may be also incomplete, inconsistent, or located in another DB…
  • Nominate a Data Steward having the responsibility to create rules within data generation, data maintenance, and data share with information integrity description. Eventually, he also has to modify quality practices as needs, or as data sources.
  • Take a proactive approach to data quality to avoid to use bad data. Locate and clean corrupt information on a regular basis, catch bad records asap. This will save a lot of money to rectify corrupt information afterwards instead of on top of the process.

Read the whole story about SmartData realtime replication on our website: realtimereplication.com
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